SONGTEKST: Jan Leyers - Pretty Girl

I’m talkin' bout a pretty girl

She got blues behind her eyes

You'd think that sadness and beauty

are an unexpected combination

But you can find it almost anywhere you go


I'm talking 'bout a pretty girl

Life ain’t easy when you’re cute

They allwant a piece of the cake she puts on the table

She makes them all feel like

they should do more than they are able

Oh pretty girl, oh pretty girl


The thing about a pretty girl

She carries something people crave

She's like a promise someone broke

Like a room you're not allowed to go

She moves like everybody wanna move

She looks like everybody wanna look

Oh pretty girl, oh pretty girl


Lord, give me the power of a peaceful mind

I wanna leave these old ideas behind

Teach me about sensitivity

About love and positivity

Oh, pretty girl, pretty girl


I’m talking 'bout a pretty girl

Living deep inside of me 

Maybe living the life I will lead in another lifetime

Maybe I got a little taste of being free

And that's how I know that she can never be

That free, not that pretty girl

If not even me

Oh pretty girl, pretty girl

Oh pretty girl


Oh pretty girl


Oh pretty girl

Oh pretty girl


Oh pretty girl